Spokesperson Videos

Spokesperson Videos are a great way to add some personality to your brand. By giving a face and a voice, you can build better relationships with your clients, eliminate the communication gap and build trust!

What do I offer?

As a bilingual person, I can offer spokesperson videos in English and Spanish with:

  • Your choice of background,
  • Your choice of clothing
  • Text animations 
  • Background Music 
  • Graphics
  • Logo
  • Custom Ratio

All Videos include:

✔ 1080p HD

✔ Custom background

✔ Professional audio quality

✔ Filmed on professional equipment in a studio

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Base Rate is $45, which covers up to 50 words in 1080p HD or 4K, a background and custom clothing.

After that, it’s:

✔ $5 per 25 words to film a basic video after base rate.  

✔+$15 for 1-day delivery

✔$10 for text animations and graphics

✔ask if I am available beforehand

Newsroom Spokesperson Videos

These type of Spokesperson Videos will be filmed with a green screen background, in a professional studio, with professional lighting. The video will then be edited with breaking news graphics, music and images.

These Videos are a great way to tell your customers about an important change in your company, any news or simply, to send someone a special birthday message or a funny greeting!

Selfie-Style Spokesperson Video

Looking for a natural selfie style video that will Skyrocket ENGAGEMENT & CONVERSIONS

As an experienced Spokesperson, I will deliver a high-quality video Optimised For Facebook, Instagram, YouTube And Your Website in either ENGLISH or SPANISH

I can film your video in almost any background,

  • CAR
  • Even with big mountains in the background!

Different Samples Of Spokesperson Videos

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Some FAQ

What is a Spokesperson Video?

Spokesperson Videos uses an actor/actress to describe your services, products, brand. It can be used to deliver news, video emails or simply to explain to your employees something in a more dynamic way.

How can I use a Spokesperson Video?

Spokesperson Videos can be used to welcome people to your website, to explain how to do something, to deliver changes in your company, to introduce an app or a course.

They’re also great for introducing sales, promotions and to add more excitement and trust to clients.

Why should I use a Spokesperson Video?

Spokesperson Videos are vital for any company trying to build up a reputation and trust with employees. By having a human face communicating the messages and news, not only to employees, but also to clients. 

How do you make a Spokesperson Video?

Depending on the type of video you are looking for; Spokesperson Videos are filmed in a studio with professional photography lighting on a green screen. Videos filmed on a green screen can have any background or animation.

If you want a more natural background, we also have an office to film and of course a home background for different videos.

How do I find a Spokesperson?

Depending on the purpose and the budget for the video:

  • You need to find someone that fits with the personality of the brand. 
  • The script is within your budget
  • They speak the language of your audience
  • And must have the right equipment to deliver HD work.