Looking for a VIRAL, FUN, UGC TIK TOK STYLE video that will Skyrocket ENGAGEMENT & CONVERSIONS? 

Sometimes you get great reviews from your customers, loving their new product or the amazing service you provided them. And this is AMAZING!  But how can you CONVERT that amazing written feedback, into a short video that will help you show more people, how incredible your brand is??

What do I offer?

I can offer UGC, AGC, REELS, TIKTOK STYLE VIDEOS in English and Spanish:

  • with your choice of background
  • Clothing
  • Text animations 
  • Music 
  • Graphics
  • Logo

*These Videos can be use on any platform and you will have the full commercial rights.

All Videos include:

✔ 1080p HD minimum

✔ Professional audio quality

✔ Filmed with professional lighting

✔ Product being filmed from different angles 

✔ Product being used in different scenarios (depending on the product)

✔ Product Photography (as an add-on)


Base Rate is $120, which covers up to 90 seconds raw video in 1080p HD. It will include: basic close-ups 

After that, it’s:

✔ $170 for a 60 seconds edited promo or explainer video. Includes product being used in different scenarios/backgrounds

✔ $290 for up to 120 seconds or two 60 seconds videos edited. Includes product being used in different scenarios/backgrounds & close-ups.

✔$10 (add-on) for text animations and graphics

✔$10 (add-on) for raw videos, so you can reuse them.

***Please note that I will not send products back, unless you send me a prepaid postage label + $20 handling fee 🙂

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Some of the products I've worked with!

Different Clothing And Locations

Depending on the type of product video you need, you can choose different locations and clothing options!

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