Amazon Product Videos

We offer different Amazon product videos including: 


Not sure which one is the right video for your product? You can also mix and match the different styles, depending on your products.

**We have all the requirements and follow the constantly changing Amazon regulations carefully

What will you get?

The videos can be done in either English or Spanish

  • with your choice of background,
  • Clothing
  • Text animations 
  • Music 
  • Graphics
  • Logo

We just need the script, but don’t worry if you don’t have it, we can work on it together!

All Videos include:

✔ 1080p HD

✔ Custom background

✔ Professional audio quality

✔ Filmed with professional equipment in a studio, Home or outdoors (depending on the product)

*These Videos can be use on any platform and you will have the full commercial rights.

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Base Rate is $280, which covers up to 60 seconds in 1080p HD or 4K. 

After that, it’s:

✔ $50 for additional voiceover in any language

✔+$50 for 3-day delivery

✔$15 for special graphics & effects

*** If you have specific requirements or budget, just send me a message! 

***Ask if I am available beforehand

Some FAQ

What are Amazon Product Videos?

If you have an amazon account, having a video of your product is one of the best ways to optimise your listing. Good videos can showcase the best features and advantages of your product, telling customers how they will benefit from it.

**Keep in mind, in order to upload a product video to your listing, you must be a registered brand

How do I find Amazon Product Videos?

As it is one of the best ways to optimise your listing. Amazon product videos should focus on your brand and the most important features and benefits of your product.

Depending on the type of product, budget and time constrains, these videos can be done at home or you can send the product to someone specialising in Amazon product and they will shoot the video for you.

Can we use Amazon Product Videos?

Yes, you can use the product video on your store front listing or for Sponsored Brand Video Ads

How do I make a video for Amazon Products?

In order to make an Amazon Product video, you will need:

  • Strong visuals at the beginning of the video to hook your audience
  • Keep it simple and concise as the video has to be less than 1 minute. Most people will watch 45 seconds maximum
  • Create a process or storyline by highlighting and problem or pain the customers are having and how your product will solve that problem/pain and make their lives better

Amazon Product Video Rules

Amazon is constantly changing their rules and requirements for their videos. So, always do your research before you start

  • Your video must be of an aspect ratio of 16:9

  • Be under 5GB in file size

  • The file format should be .mp4 or .mov

How many videos can you have on an Amazon listing?

For your store front Amazon page, you can use one video.

However, you can create different Sponsored Brand Videos to test your ads 

Amazon Product Video Maker

You can use any software to edit your videos, depending on your budget, skills and time.

You can use from Final Cut Pro to iMovie to Adobe to Animoto

Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads

There are different types of Amazon videos you can add to your listing or to Amazon Sponsored Video Ads. It all depends on the type of product you have:

Unboxing or explainer Video: good with products with loads of pieces

Product highlight Video: video with 360degree views and animations

Comparison Video: Video about functionalities – not mentioning competitor’s name

Lifestyle Video: shows the product being used by target audience

Different Clothing and Shooting Locations

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